Keen to get more involved with the luscious Goddess Patty?
I love getting together with SSBBW lovers and having kinky 'sessions' with them ;)... so if you're a fan... check out my site... or get special treatment from me in person ... or both!

Standard face-sitting, crushing, smothering, body and
ass worshipping sessions are $300+ an hour. Plus cost
of hotel.

Trampling (only if I have an assistant) and some aspects of bdsm such as bondage,
whipping, spanking are $400+ an hour. Plus cost of

More specialized sessions such as water sports, cb/t,
humiliation, feminization, degradation, etc. is $500+
an hour. Plus cost of hotel.

Feeding/Pampering Session are $300 plus meal. Write me for details about this type of session.

For clients coming from out of state sessions, my rates
start at $300 and up, depending on the type of session
you desire. Plus the cost of the hotel. But since you
are traveling to me, you get several hours with me at
that rate. This is NOT an hourly rate.

All out of state visit expenses will be paid by
clients requesting my services. So if Im traveling to
you, be prepared to pay my way. :)

I wear leather, lingerie or other clothing by special
request during private sessions. This is fantasy,
fetish and role playing, so lets just enjoy one

***If you cant afford my rates, write me to discuss
a possible rate discount. Its not always about
the money! I love to meet people!!!***

If you would like to book a private session with me

write me at for booking info.