I'm at my highest weight ever but I finally made another DVD as requested by so many of you. My mobility is not the best these day. But remember, I carry all this weight for YOU AND ME.
For all you FA lovers out there that love to see me wiggle, jiggle, squeeze into things and see my body upclose. Then this is the DVD for you. Release date - Wednesday, January 20, 2010.

DVD #OD - OUT FOR THE DAY (Tired Tubby Part 2) (48 min DVD - $45 incl S&H)

Thomas called and said join me for lunch today and bring your helper and your new wheelchair. I will be there shortly. We quickly freshened up our hair and makeup and waited for his arrival.
To my surprise when he arrived. I noticed his car wasnt very big. There was no way I would fit in the front but even the size of the backseat didnt look very accomodating.
Once I waddle down my front porch and to the car I was quite winded. I wanted to shed a few tears once the cars backdoor was opened for me. I knew I was going to have to literally squeeze into it and it wasnt going to be
easy. My body is cramping as I try and become a slinky snake trying to ease my way in. Im in and I realize only half of me is in. Im out of breathe, I cant move. Im wedged in the car door. I yell, "I need water quickly. I want to scream from the pain Im feeling from the metal surrounding me.
I want one swift kick from anyone to get the rest of me in. My helper then lifts my foot and says push your foot into my hand and I am finally all the way in.
It takes me 5 mins to catch my breathe and gain my composure. Im now ready to feast on some really good tasty food. Ive earned it!!!
Whoaaaaaaaaaaa wait!!! Before Im able to go enjoy a wonderful meal, I must tackle this dreadful car door how many more times??? Im exhausted from feeling like Im prying my way out of a steel drum that only has a tiny opening. I must lay down or at least relax and we are too far from home. This is where the next ordeal begins.
Small hotel doorways, chairs with arms, small couches and beds that are way too high off the ground. This is starting to feel like a workout that I never signed up for.
You will NOT be disappointed when you see just how many times I had to be assisted through a small door, crammed into a small elevator, me trying to roll over in the bed I had trouble getting up into, my huge body devouring the small couch. And then the final walk up my porch when Im ready to collapse. Literally a breathless ending. *wink wink*
This was filmed so close up that you can almost touch my soft, fat body. Dont miss out seeing my newest release at my fattest and heaviest size ever.


DVD #TTT - Tired Tubby (50 min DVD - $45 incl S&H)

Jen called and said get your BIG ASS dressed Im taking you out for the day. She knows not to call and order me around. Im the one normally giving the orders. She knows Im quite demanding and my dominating ways always come out when Im with her. But she was calling the shots today and I thought this might be quite fun. Come see us spend a day together. But me being the lazy Goddess I am, she knew she was going to have a hard, busy day assisting me. So she thought ahead. See her help me in and out of her HUGE truck. In and out of a wheelchair she rented for our girlie outing. She seems quite strong early in the day as shes helping me around, helping me change my clothes so she can take me to dinner. And to my amazement she decides to push me in the wheelchair on foot to the restaurant. This is a visual for those FAs that love to see an ssbbw walking or rolling down the street when you are driving by. We were both giggling from all the admiration we received from the passerbyers. See the looks on the other peoples faces at the restaurant as she helplessly tries to push me up the restaurant ramp and Im giggling the entire time. The size difference between us is almost 400 lbs. All filmed up close and personal with both of our bodies touching, wiggling and jiggling. See her lift my BELLY or ASS to help me back up on the bed. And for all of you FAs that love ssbbw in spandex, this is a must see for you all! FAs are gonna love this one!!!


DVD #1KK - The Kitchen Krushing plus BONUS (30 min DVD - $40 incl S&H)

Slave Samson kept begging for me to krush him eventhough I had friends over that day. We were hanging out in my kitchen where my computers are located. The more he begged to be krushed the more angry I became.
I finally said shut up and move those chairs you unworthy whiney slave. He moved the chairs and placed my krush bench in the middle of the kitchen and layed down. For the next 25 mins. I devoured his hairy body with my HUGE body. I look extremely huge while Im totally krushing him. The front and backwards facesits on him make me look even bigger. I purposely played the music loud so I couldnt hear him moan. I didnt care if he was trying to mercy, I was angry now. He interrupted my quality time with my girlfriends. This is a dvd for all you krushing enthusiasts. Ive put all my weight back on and its evident in this video. Its all videotaped extremely close that ! you can almost feel my weight and rolls on you. See how big my ass has become and how low my belly hangs. My white gstring is also devoured by my huge ass in this dvd.
Also included on this dvd is a BONUS 5 minute furniture feast. See me eat a huge cheeseburger, fries and large soda while sitting on my human couch. My ass covers his body from his neck all the way to his knees. I use his face for a plate holder and eventhough Im sitting on him he still must hold my drink for me. See how I use my belly and tits as my table. And where else to tuck my napkin but my fat rolls? This is a feeder lovers dvd specialty bonus!


DVD #2DD - Double Duo Demolition (40 min DVD - $50 incl S&H)

My girlfriend wanted to be trained to be a Goddess who squashes. I said well you have to be a Princess first. So she was named Princess Piggy. She called herself piggy because when she laughed she would snort sometimes. It was really cute. Princess Piggy was going to give him a work out since she was much smaller than I at 350 lbs. and this lazy slave cant handle much of my weight anymore. I have her squashing him, crushing him, facesitting him...She was loving it, he was loving it. It gets hot and heavy. Her and I keep alternating on top of this lazy slave. She would work on him and then I would come in for the kill. Shes definitely a natural. We end up both playing on top of him as we sing together forgetting about him under us. The finale is priceless as I have her push him off the bench and do a little wrestling with him and facesit him on the floor to finish him off. Come watch us bot! h demolish Slave Crush with our huge, sexy bodies. Topless Princess will have you all desiring more more MORE!!! We make a great tag team!!! This dvd is definitely for you squashing and wrestling fans. All for those of you that love to see all my fat hanging everywhere. We are a combined total weight of almost 950 lbs. Dont miss out on this one!!!



2 newly released DVDs at my highest weight of 608 lbs. This is truly an FAs dream video. You can see every curve, every jiggle and wiggle and every heavy breathe I take. You do NOT want to miss out on purchasing either one of these. Only a limited number of copies will be sold so they are a LIMITED EDITION.

DVD #1HH - Helpless Hefty (59 min. $55 incl S&H)

At 608 lbs. its not easy to get around and do the normal everyday things in life. Watch as Goddess Pattys assistant, Carolyn assists the Goddess getting out of the car, walking through a hotel and trying to find her hotel room. The Goddess is quite winded after only a few steps and her assistant is there to help her every step of the way. Watch as the Goddess' fat wiggles and jiggles to and fro with each and every step she takes. See her hips hit the walls everywhere she walks with her 98" hips. Also included in this dvd is the Goddess enjoying a nice meal with all the courses. Watch as the Goddess takes a nap with her huge body taking up most of the queensize bed. And even see the Goddess waddle down to the hotel pool and jacuzzi where she frolics in the pool with her assistant. She was quite the attraction waddling through the hotel lobby. And you dont want to miss the ending as the Goddess struggles to get out of the jacuzzi. With every ounce of strength in her s! hes having trouble pulling herself up. See how this ends as the Goddess panics thinking shes not going to be able to get out!

DVD #2SS - Supersize Shopping Spree (15 min $30 incl S&H)

At 608 lbs. theres not alot of shopping that can be done. But today is a special day. The Goddess gets to go on a shopping spree thanks to one of her admirers. He wanted to treat her to a special day of shopping and eating. Come along with the Goddess as she looks through the store for some nice comfy shoes that can handle all her wonderful pounds. Or some tight fitting clothing to accentuate her curves. See how she squeezes in and out of the car between each store visit. See how she fills up an entire 30" wheelchair. Its the size of a loveseat. And then the Goddess manages to squeeze into a tiny scooter for her visit at Target. The camera captures the Goddess' 103" ass from behind and its 3 times the size of the tiny scooter seat. Truly some priceless angle captures of the Goddess' HUGE beautiful body. For all of you out there that like tight squeezes and lots of motion in walking. This is the one for you!

****** Buy both DVDS #! 1HH and #2SS for $80 total. This includes S&H******

(Out of Country orders, add $10 for S&H)



Im happy to announce I have 4 new videos for sale at my new weight of 584 sexy lbs. These are truly uncensored, upclose and personal. All you Fat Admirers are gonna love what Ive done on camera.

DVD #1SF - SUNDAY FOOTBALL SQUASH (30 min $30 incl S&H)
The Goddess invited Slave Samson over to watch some football with her. Little did he know she wanted to practice her squashing skills. He was so unprepared to be squash but he truly enjoyed himself. Watch as she squashes him till he
totally melting into her crush bench. The Goddess has a cute royal blue top and tight leggings but as she crushes her slave she strips down to her sexy blue panties. Watch as her 98" ass swallows her slave. The Goddess gets hungry
from all the fun shes having and enjoys some food as shes devouring her Slave with her humongous body. For all you TRUE FA's, this ones for you! Lots of facesitting, smother and crushing in this video. For you feeders too!

DVD #2PP - POUNDING PUNISHMENT (40 min $40 incl S&H)

See the Goddess punish Slave Samson after a night out at the local BBW nightclub ( The Goddess was kin! d enough to enough to let Slave Samson give her friend a foot massage. And of course The Goddess caught him
going a bit too far with the massage. The following morning is his punishment. The Goddess drinks and smokes on Slave Samson as she thoroughly crushes the life out of him first on the crush bench and then on her couch. She really tortures
him with her humongous body for being naughty the night before. She starts in a cute purple minidress and strips down to a see-thru purple top and black lace gstring. As she lays completely down faceup on Slave Samson you can see her perky
nipples and all her fat full of cellulite falling over onto her slave. Another perfect video for all you TRUE FAs. For all you extreme crushing enthusiasts as well.

DVD #3HP - HUMAN PARTY CHAIR (50 min $50 incl S&H)
The Goddess decided to have a party but there were not enough seats for everyone. Watch as she uses Slave Samson as her human party ! chair. The Goddess doesnt care how long the party lasts as long as she has her human chair to sit on. See Slave Samson totally get crushed and sink into the crush bench under the Goddess' 98" ass. It was also a good day to train her
newest supersize recruit Princess Samantha. She now desires to have a human chair just like the Goddess. See the Goddess drink and smoke all while on top of Slave Samson. She looks so sexy in her leopard print miniskirt, black lace top and black lace panties. See her from all angles as she demonstrates the proper way to crush a slave. She takes him from her crush bench which is almost totally flat now to the couch. This video includes extreme crushing, facesitting, Kneeling on chest, feet in chest and foot massage with extreme toesucking. Great video for you crushees and foot worshipees. Dont miss out!!!

Slave Crush requests Goddess Pattys assistance in making his ultimate fantasy come true. He wanted to be! crushed by many supersize women. Well Goddess Patty made it happen. She called some of her supersize friends to help out and what a blast they had! Watch as all 5 women crush, smother, trample Slave Crush. A TOTAL of 2,049 gorgeous lbs on top of him. Listen to him grunt and groan with exstacy as we ALL sit and lay on top of him. Watch as Slave Crush gives a few piggyback rides and ponyrides. It was amazing! Just when we think Slave Crush has had enough he begs for more. Watch as the 5 girls totally butt drop and devour him alive. Once they are all on top of him, all you can see is his arms and the red marks on his body from all the crushing. This is one video you dont want to miss out on seeing if crushing and facesitting is your thing. One by one we torture him and then all 5 of us at once torture him. He did survive and walk away with his fantasy totally fulfilled. Guest models are Lushes Thunder, Tall Carolyn Monroe, Princess Naomi and SSBBW Blossom. We were proud of hi! s stamina!!! Want to be our next challenge? Come on, I dare you!!! All 5 women in tank tops and thong panties. All uncut, upclose and personal. Nothing was cut from this video. Hurry and purchase this video, it will sell out FAST!!! All you FAs dont want to miss out seeing this video. You will be in supersize paradise with this one, mark my words!! *wink*

DVD #5MS - The Maury Show - (45 min $45 incl S&H)
Talk show on Opposites Attract - featured with a tiny admirer of mine in Dec 2003.

DVD #6BF - The Big Fantasy -(40 min $45 incl S&H)
I was featured in a documentary for UK TV. I facesit, smothered, crushed and trampled two of my worthy slaves. Also featured on this video is other extreme fetisists who are into latex fetishes, balloon fetishes, pony play, etc. (40 min $40 ea incl s&h) Also have this video in the UK version, only 3 copies.

DVD #7BL - Blitz TV - ($15 incl S&H)

3 min. video featuring Me, Zsalynn and Queen Raqui as the Germans film us having fun, facesitting, crushing and smothering Slave Samson and get the 3 of us enjoying a HUGE meal as well ($15 incl s&h)


DVD/VIDEOS - From my days of working with with Queen Adrena are still available. I only have a limited number of them left. Heres a list of the names:

DVD #1AA - Avalanche of Ass DVD # 2LW - Love Wrestling

DVD #3RR - Rumble DVD #4GM - Giant Mommy Humiliation

DVD #5SC - Smother Cage DVD #6TT - Trampling Tango

PICTURE CD: ($30 and $40 ea incl S&H)
CD has over 200+ pics of Goddess Patty facesitting, smothering, crushing, squashing her slaves in leather and lingerie. Also eating and glamour pics. Goddess Patty CD at 550 lbs. or Goddess Patty CD at 580 lbs.

You pick the pic

Wornout Panties - ($60 incl S&H)
Want to own a pair of Goddess Pattys worn, soiled, unwashed and pungent panties?
New Panties - ($50 incl S&H)
Never worn panties but as large as Goddess Pattys ass. Can be hung on rear view mirror or anywhere!

CLOTHING - Size 34/36 or 8x
I sometimes sell my clothes to my admirers from photo shoots Ive done. They vary in price. If there is an article of clothing you want to purchase, just write me for details and pricing.

WORNOUT SHOES ($55 ea incl S&H)
Extremely wornout and tattered size 11 and 12 shoes. They truly took a beating from Goddess Pattys massive, sexy, humongous body!


Once I send you ordering info, if you are to send a money order - Do NOT sign the pay to the order line. I will fill that in myself. Be sure and include
your name, address and name of item/dvd/video name you are ordering.

Once money is received your order will be immediately shipped discreetly.

All out of country orders, please add an additional $10 for S&H.