You're probably thinking "man, this big babe looks familiar!!" but can't quite put your finger on where you've seen me?

Well, I get around... here's a list of all the shows and movies I've been in over the last few years!!

Dec 2007 - Actress/Stunt Performer in the Blockbuster Movie, JackAss 2.5 featuring me with WeeMan.

Apr 2007 - Featured on a show called EXTRA for German Television, station RTL. Germanys biggest network. Primetime newsmagazine show. Showed me in a few squashing sessions and filmed me with my kids at home.

Sept 2006 - Actress/Stunt Performer in JackAss II: The Movie, featuring me with Johnny Knoxville, WeeMan and Famous Director, John Waters.

Jan 2006 - Featured in the National Examiner a US magazine. A story on my life and career. Appeared on the cover as well with Oprah and Princess Di.

Dec 2005 - Featured in the Sports Section of the Sunday Mirror newspaper in Germany. Story on my career of trampling.

Dec 2005 - Featured in a Christmas Holiday Special called "Living Large in LA". This was for Japanese TV for network NTV.

Nov 2005 - Featured in a magazine called REVEAL. This magazine is from the UK and is about Real Life stories. They did a story about my life and career. Centerfold 2 page spread.

Mar 2004 - Featured in rock video for group named, Seether. Song is Remedy. Played a living tree.

Dec 2003 - Was a guest on The Maury Show titled "Opposites Attract".

Oct 2003 - Featured in a German Reality TV show called Blitz filmed in Las Vegas.

Sept 2003 - Featured in a Documentary for EndemolUK TV called "The Big Fantasy".

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